Angor quarry

This mine was the earliest discovery of our Village Head Andrew. Now the mine continuously pumps out poison gas. We were forced to shut it down, and we're unsure if we'll ever be able to reopen it.

If we don't find a solution, the Andrew Villagers' lives will be severely affected.


Angor Quarry is located in the South western corner of Limestone Mountain. The entrance is flanked by two miners and the Soul Guardian. Players must be between Levels 9 to 14 to complete this in a party or of any level to solo.

Normal MonstersEdit

  • Mining Venom Bug
  • Hiding Venom Bug
  • Warped Stonewalker
  • Mining Mushroid



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Ordinary DropsEdit

  • Sacred Swordmaster Gauntlets
  • Accurate Woven Vestment
  • Striker Woven Vestment
  • Agile Crystal Staff
  • Striker Crystal Staff

Break Point DropsEdit

Trash/Additional InfoEdit

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