L1. Awakening II

Madam Cynthia
Mining Captain Laz
Limestone Mountain
100 Andrew Mining
7 Silver
Awakening I
Awakening III

Quest taken L01. Awakening II

"You only remember your name is [Name] right? You're welcome to live here in Andrew Village."

"I think you should visit the Village Head. He's concerned about you."

"Village Head Andrew was a great explorer. He discovered the veins of ore in Limestone Mt. and established the mining village."

"But we only recently discovered the Blue Crystals. If you're curious about them, maybe Laz, the Mining Captain, can help. He was the one who first found you."

"Perhaps he remembers something unusual," Cynthia advised.

"They're both in the village."

"You're awake! Great!" Laz breathes a sigh of relief.

"Haev you seen Andrew yet? He was so anxious about you' you should really visit him first so he can relax."

"Andrew, a wise elder, found the first vein in Limestone Mtn. He led us to sucess, and now this village enjoys a good reputation."

"He founded this village single-handedly, and we all respect him a great deal for it."

"You don't remember anything about the Blue Crystal?" Laz heaved a sigh.

"Our village produces superior ore, so the mining industry prospers."

"We only recently discovered the Blue Crystal. We thought it might bring fame to our village."

"Strangely enough, we found a child inside the crystal. I can't believe you've finally woken up." He grinned warmly. "I hope you can adapt to life here."

Targets to take:
Madam Cynthia
Report to:
Mining Captain Laz
Talk to "Andrew"
EXP: 38

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