There are two ways to control your Character in Eden Eternal. You can use the Mouse or the keyboard to navigate around. Much like other MMORPG's, the follwing keys would:

  • W- Will move your character forward.
  • S- Will move your character backwards.
  • A- Will turn your character to the left.
  • D- Will turn your character to the right.
  • Q- Will allow your character to strafe to the left.
  • E- Will allow your character to strafe to the right.

Mouse MovementEdit

If you would like to use the mouse to direct your character, Eden Eternal uses the "click to move" system. All you need to do is click on the ground somewhere and your character will walk to that spot.

You can also bring up the map (Shortcut: M) and click on any spot on the map to have your character move to that spot.

Mouse Icons:

Icon Action
Mouseicon Move/Use- Clicking this icon will make your character move to that location. It is also the Icon you will use to navigate the UI.
Fightmouseicon Fight- Clicking this icon will cause your character to engage the target in combat.
Usemouseicon Use- Clicking this item will use the object you have selected on your target.
Castspellmouseicon Cast Spell/Use Skill- Clicking this icon will cast the current skill you have selected on your target
Repairmouseicon Repair- Clicking this icon will repair the equipment you click on.
Pickupmouseicon Pick Up- When this icon appears, you can pick the item up off the floor.
Chatmouseicon Chat- Clicking this icon will talk to the NPC you have selected.
Teleportmouseicon Teleport- Clicking this Icon will bring up the fast travel map.
Purchasemouseicon Purchase- Clicking this Icon will buy whatever you have selected.
Viewmouseicon View- View information for the item or tool.

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