alt=Beluga Bay An Ensconced Harbor Beluga Harbor is a port as renowned as Seabell. Surrounded by cliffs and subject to frequent storms, docking isn't always easy. To help guide ships in safely, the town built a lofty lighthouse. Towering walls ring the city in layers, guarding against potential attacks. This has allowed the harbor to remain prosperous even during harassment from pirates and tribal bandits.
map of Beluga Bay

Beluga Bay (Chinese: 冷風海灣, lěngfēng hǎiwān, "cold wind bay") is the level 25–29 area on the central continent. It contains Beluga Harbor, the Morticora 3-player dungeon, the Vileshark HQ 5-player dungeon, and the Beluga Harbor regional fame faction.

Beluga Bay is connected by portals to Goss Mountains (20–24) to the east and Wetlands (30–33) to the west.


Completing the "Harbor Affairs" quests awards the Harbor Worker For a Day achievement.

Completing the "Deadly Love" quests awards the Secret Therapy achievement and the Eternal Youth title (LCK +9).

Completing the "Morticora" quests awards the Crusading the Imp Tribe achievement and the Better than Ahab title (AGI +13).

Completing the "Pirate Battle" quests awards the Avast! achievement, the Vileshark Master title (STR +13), and one of the four Wind Meteor Shards.

Completing the "Vileshark Headquarters" quests awards the Shark Surprise achievement.

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