I00517 Blueprint: Black Rock Axe
Formula - Foundry
Work Level 2
Required Materials:
Refined Copper x 65
Cat's Eye Diamond x 7
Terrified Thought x 20

Finished Product

W20105 Black Rock Axe
Axe    Weapon
P-ATK+ 3330
M-ATK+ 1537
STR+ 48
AGI+ 32
LCK+ 16
+20 CRIT Rate Points
+18 CRIT DMG Points
Level Requirement 30
Buying Price 9 Gold 324 Silver
Selling Price 466 Silver

"This is a valuable weapon design diagram. The foundry's outstanding craftsmen could use it to make valuable weapons."

Buying Price 14 Gold 771 Silver
Selling Price 738 Silver

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