The Branda Root is located under an ancient tree near a primordial swamp. The towering tree's leaves, branches and roots provide all the food and shelter local creatures need.

The Branda Root itself has become an essential part of the local ecology, absorbing magical water and growing magical in its own right. Guards have devoted their lives to protecting it from evil for generations.



Branda Root is located in the Southern region of the Wetlands. Players must be between Levels 30 to 33 to complete this in a party or of any level to solo.

Normal MonstersEdit

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Please feel free to contribute.


Ordinary DropsEdit

Break Point DropsEdit

Trash/Additional InfoEdit

A Cleric or Bard of around level 36-40 can solo the -/10 version of the dungeon.

Spamming Cure Lv 35 or higher, a Cleric or Bard's heals can outheal any damage they might face in the dungeon, as long as it's one on one with the bosses and the Swamp Giant. All others can be taken in numbers of 4 or less.

The pet can deal most of the damage while the player keeps themself alive with Healing. Take caution with the last boss, Acilino. If you get hit by the sleep, you are pretty much doomed. When the casting circle appears on the ground, run outside of it. You will have ~1 second or so to spare. As back up, for Acilino, use Cleric for the 5 stack Heal Over Time just in case you are hit by the Sleep AoE. This will buy you some time to heal up after sleep wears off, assuming you are not already dead.

Using the above method, a player can solo Branda Root starting at level 37.

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