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Classes in Eden Eternal, like in many MMORPGs, are what define your skills, what weapons and armor you use, and your gameplay style.

There are 20 classes in Eden Eternal, and five main Class Branches, also known as class types. These class types follow the basic archetypes seen in many MMORPGs.

Class SystemEdit

Unlike many games, where classes are permanent and unchangeable, in Eden Eternal, a character can change from any available class at any time out of combat.

Within each of the five class branches lies a number of classes. These classes are separate from each other, but retain the same basic gameplay style as the branch, as well as the general skills of the branch. Each class has a separate set of passive abilities, class skills, class bonuses, and Class Talents.

Each class has an class experience (CP) counter and level of its own, separate from character XP and level. Only by transforming into a class and gaining XP in that class's form can a character level that class up. A character's class levels cannot exceed his or her character level. It is possible to play and maximize all classes on one character.

Class BranchesEdit

Main article: Class Branches

Classes other than Mimic are organized into five class branches. Classes within a branch share their general skills, which become more powerful according to character level. Classes within a branch also share a general party role: Tank, Healer, or Damage Dealer (also known as DPS, DPSer or DD).

The Tank role is taken by characters of the Tank archetype. These players focus on defensive abilities and protecting their allies (especially the healers) from enemy attacks. The more things beating you in a dungeon the better.

In turn, the Healer role, taken by Clerics, is to keep the Tank and the rest of the party alive by focusing on mending wounds and buffing their allies.

Even though Shamans and Bards (the other two classes of the Healing and Support Branch) can heal, they're not as focused as Clerics and may not be able to heal their group through high difficulty dungeons alone. However, these two can assist other healers or play the role for easier dungeons.

As for Damage Dealers; The Magic, Melee, and Ranged DPS Branches excel in dealing damage. However, what they do in damage they lack in defense. It's recommended they let Tanks take the hits in a dungeon, specially waiting one second or two before attacking to let them build Malice .: IE: let the Tanks do their job! [1]

Tank Archetypes (Melee & Defense)Edit

Main article: Tank (class type)

Also known simply as Defense, Tanks focus on protecting allies by provoking monsters, and using their natural defense and buff skills to their advantage, as well as strong melee attacks and AOE's to dish out damage to monsters. All Tank Archetypes wear heavy armor and benefit the most from Defense and Strength.

Warrior: Starting class. Warrior relies on heavily fortified and upgraded heavy armor to absorb maximum damage in combat. An ideal class for players to become accustomed to Eden Eternal. [2] Warrior's focus on using slower weapons. Humans focus on Axe (2H) and Zumi focus on using clubs (1H) and Anuran focus on using greatswords (2H).

Knight: Requires character level 25 and Warrior class level 10. The knight's motto is cliché but dangerous, the best defense is a good offense. They are specialists of dodging and blocking attacks while maintaining a relentless assault on their foe. This is a tank that will wreck all in his path if left unchecked. [3] Knight's focus on using One handed weapons. Humans focus on Rapiers (1H), Zumi focus on swords (1H), and Anuran focus on all 1H bladed type weapons.

Templar: Requires character level 60, Knight class level 45, and Cleric class level 45. A third tank class relies on faith in the gods to sustain him in battle. Not only do these tanks possess near endless stamina, they also unleash magical holy hell on their surroundings, making them a danger to heavy tanks and squishy casters alike. [4] Templar's focus on using a one handed weapon and a shield. (off hand). Zumi and and Anuran focus on using Maces as their one handed weapon.

Dragon Knight: Requires completion of a special quest.

Rogue Archetypes (Melee DPS)Edit

EE Classes melee dps
Main article: Melee DPS

Rogues types, called Melee DPS in Eden Eternal, focus on powerful melee effects. Rogue types wear light armor and benefit the most from Agility and Strength.

Thief: Starting class. The thief is a sharp dagger wielding poster child of melee DPS. They move quickly, attack even faster, and have enough utility such as stealth to live to strike the enemy's backline a second time. Thieves focus on dual wielding and daggers.[5]

Martial Artist: Requires character level 40 and Thief class level 25. The martial artist is second to none in hand to hand combat. Though not as wiley as a thief when it comes to escaping, the martial artist will devastate his or her foes faster than their foes can counteract the martial artist's rampage. Martial artist focuses on Fists.[6] Martial Artist's mainly focus on using the Cestus.

Blade Dancer: Requires character level 50 and Bard class level 35. The third option in the rogue line is very unlike the previous two. Carrying the background of a bard, the blade dancer plays a hybrid role of melee DPS and party attack bonuses. Having one in a group is truly a deciding factor in the tides of battle.[7] Blade Dancer's mainly focus on swords, but they use all types of 1 H bladed weapons.

Samurai: Requires character level 60, Warrior class level 45, and Martial Artist class level 45.

Ranged Archetypes (Ranged DPS)Edit

Main article: Ranged DPS

Ranged Archetypes focus on using projectile weapons and wear light armor. They benefit the most from Agility and Strength.

Hunter: Starting class. The hunter puts the oomph into Ranged DPS. A skilled assassin, these champions of the bow mortally wound their opponent with unexpected opening attacks and leave their victims to die slowly as they futilely attempt to escape at the paws of the hunter's pet tiger.[8] Hunter's focus on using Bow's.

Engineer: Requires character level 30 and Hunter class level 15. These rocketmen have dedicated their keen sense of aim and skilled hands towards technology, allowing them to master explosive grenades while enhancing their capabilities beyond mere mortals by encasing themselves in iron suits. Power Ranger fans, your MMO has arrived.[9] Engineers focus on using Guns.

Ranger: Requires character level 65, Hunter class level 50, and Martial Artist class level 50. The ranger is the fast attacking, heavy crit focused version of the Hunter. They don't rely as heavily on surprise opening attacks as they can cut down a fully aware opponent so long as they wield distance as their weapon.[10] Ranger's weapon focus is bows, just like the hunter, rangers specialize in trying to kill their opponents swiftly.

Healer Archetypes (Support/Healer)Edit


Healers focus on healing and buffing their allies, although they can also deal magical damage. Clerics wear cloth armor, while Bards and Shamans wear light armor. Healers benefit the most from Wisdom and Intellect.

Cleric: Starting class. Masters of party support, the Cleric is knowledgeable in the art of healing, removing debuffs, and preventing allies from taking damage in the first place. This high demand class also specializes in bringing fallen allies back to life, and fortifying them with long duration stat bonuses.[11] Clerics focus on using Maces.

Bard: Requires character level 20. The bard is a much more dynamic party support counterpart to the cleric. Bard's can change their tune at a moment's notice to provide whatever the party requires, at vital turning points in battle.[12] Bards focus on using Guitars.

Shaman: Requires character level 45 and Cleric level 30. Shamans commune with spirits of the ancients, summoning them to grant their allies with immensely powerful protection charms. A true master of shamans may even be capable of creating an artificial casing to hold the power of these spirits in a physical form, towering over a battlefield and causing immense damage to all who oppose it.[13] Shamans focus on using staves.

Sage: Requires completion of a special quest.

Magical Archetypes (Magical DPS)Edit

Main article: Magic DPS

Magical Archetypes use cloth armor and benefit the most from Intellect.

Magician: Starting class. Magicians are masters of every element. A truly wise magician will study the weaknesses of each monster and player and unleash the elemental power necessary to focus and destroy those weaknesses. Their powers allow for immense burst damage if left alone and reasonably strong damage over time skills for when the magician is forced to stay on the run.[14] Mages focus on using Staves.

Luminary: Starting class.

Illusionist: Requires character level 35 and Magician class level 20. The illusionist is similar to a bard, but much more offensive focused. These jesters of the battlefield confuse and weaken their enemies to the point of near immobilization, then swiftly maximize the power of their carry allies to finish said enemies off.[15] Illusionists focus on using grimoires, also known to be called books by few people in-game.

Warlock: Requires character level 55, Magician class level 40, and Shaman class level 40. The warlock is a magician that has succumbed to the lure of dark magics. While these magics tend to be overwhelmingly powerful, they carry great personal risk to the warlock who attempts to harness them. Only a focused and clear mind can harness the power of the warlock without destroying themselves.[16] Warlocks focus on using grimoires.

Class ChartEdit

Eden eternal class advancement


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