Religious knowledgeReligious Knowledge
Evangelical theoryEvangelical Theology
Shield profShield Proficiency
Heresy punishmentHeresy Punishment
Zealot doctrineZealot Doctrine
Divine blessingDivine Blessing
Sacred breathSacred Breath
Healing handsHealing Hands
Prophecy researchProphecy Research
Sacred dutySacred Duty
Spiritual trainingSpiritual Training
Divine knowledgeDivine Knowledge
Cleric Talents redirects here. If you are looking for Cleric Skills, go here
Cleric image
Religious knowledge Evangelical theory Shield prof Heresy punishment Sacred duty Condemnation
Hymnal Zealot doctrine Divine blessing Sacred breath Enlightenment Healing hands Prophecy research
Exegesis Exorcism Sincerity Spiritual training Divine knowledge

Cleric Expertise SkillsEdit

These are the Expertise Skills for Clerics. These talents can be learned on the Class Talent Grid of the Talents interface (hotkey K), each costing knowledge points.

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