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Besides quests and dungeons, players can obtain equipment and consumables through crafting.

To create your own items the player must be level 20 or higher and collect the materials through gathering .

It is possible to craft several buffing potions, gems, enchants, rings, necklaces, all types of weapons, cloth armor, light armor and heavy armor.


These work like the recipes on how to make the item. You can buy them from several NPCs with the suffix "designer" or "merchant" in their names at the Industrial Ward, located in the far north of Aven.


Industrial Ward's location in Aven


Buying Blueprint from Light Armor Designer

Collecting materialsEdit

Most of the materials can be obtained through gathering. However, some items such as Terrified Thought are obtained from monsters or bought from other players.

Crafting itemsEdit

After collecting all the materials shown in the blueprint, you can take them to the Molding Master who'll create your item.


Crafting an item

After choosing the option "Assignment of Crafting", it'll open your inventory and the fusion window. Move your blueprint to the slot "Use Item", and it'll show the list of materials necessary and how many of them you have.

If you collected all the correct materials, click Request. It takes 5 seconds to craft items and it'll appear in your inventory. Make sure to have an empty slot!

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