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Notification to all Eden Eternal Wiki users.

The wiki is currently undergoing maintenance to ensure that it is fully updated to the standards expected. It is not accurate for how long this maintenance will last, so please excuse for any information found within the wiki that does not corroborate the sources found in-game. If a date is found that ends this maintenance it will be posted on this page.

For more information on the undergoing maintenance, please visit the forum topic.

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Game Basics
Warrior WarriorKnight KnightTemplar Templar
Melee DPS
Thief ThiefMartial Artist Martial ArtistBlade Dancer Blade Dancer
Ranged DPS
Hunter HunterEngineer EngineerRanger Ranger
Magic DPS
Magician MagicianIllusionist IllusionistWarlock Warlock
Healing and Support
Cleric ClericBard BardShaman Shaman
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