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Players can become famous with various Factions. When players have accumulated enough Fame Points with a certain Faction, players are able to purchase unique items from vendors.

There are four types of Fame: Guild, Regional, General and Special. You can view the first one in your Guild window and the last three in the Fame interface, accessed by clicking Reputation Reputationicon on the Minimap.


Aven has 9 factions where each one has 3 types of NPCs:

  • An NPC that requires farm/mine/altar summon items, like Garden Cotton or Sacred Animal Fur. This NPC is usually the first players see in order to begin accumulating initial Fame.
  • An NPC that require monster drop items, like Terrified Thought, where a minimum requirement of 101 Fame Points is required before handing these Items in order to earn Fame.
  • An NPC that sells items to players, that are of a higher quality.

Regional FameEdit


Faction chest of Fire-Eyes Followers and its rewards

Regional Fame is obtained by completing all Quests in a certain zone which are given by any of the NPCs in the area. Regional fame can only be used in the area they were obtained. Most of the rewards are equipment, including trophies. You can buy them from Fame chests in town (green smiley on the map).

Andrew Village FameEdit


  • Rock Heart Ring --Melee oriented ring, requires 1000 Andrew Village fame points. Costs 260 silver.
  • Dark Radiance Ring --Magic oriented ring, requires 1000 Andrew Village fame points. Costs 260 silver.
  • Departure Crystal --Trophy item with unique effects (more on item page), requires 2000 Andrew Village fame points. Costs 452 silver.

General FameEdit


Turn in resouces to gain fame with the Silver Needles

General Fame is obtained by turning in Quest Items, such as Terrified Thoughts and Foolish Thoughts, to the specific and respective Faction NPC who is located in Aven. Most of the rewards given by the Fame vendors are weapons, quest books, and armor as well as other items.

Guild FameEdit

To read more about Guilds, see our section in our Beginner's Guide.

Town Bulletin Board and its location.

Guild Fame is obtained by doing Guild Quests. This earns Guild Fame which helps the guild to level. The lower level the quest, the less fame given. Essentially, this type of Fame is only available to those in Guild.

To increase your Guild Fame, players must purchase Guild Quest scrolls (for a small fee) from Guild Quest Off. Kaiser in Aven or the from the Town Bulletin Board' in the Guild's Town.

Special FameEdit

Special Fame is obtained by completing book quests, through and for the Curia Library or battlefield participation. There are currently no known rewards for this faction.

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