Gathering is how players obtain materials to craft equipments and consumables. It can be done in Aven or a Guild Town .

Unlike other MMOs, players do not gather themselves, but assign NPCs to farm, mine and summon the materials for them.

Farming and MiningEdit


Buying farming recipes

Before assigning a character to mine or farm, the player must first buy the recipe or map, similar to blueprints. Farming recipes are sold by the Agricultural Merchant and mining recipes (ore location maps) are sold by Mineral Merchant, both in Aven.

Take your recipe to the Miner or Farmer, both located directly behind the Merchants, and place the recipe from your inventory in the Use Item slot. The items you'll receive will be shown in the white square below. Click request and you'll pay a small fee to start the gathering process.


Assigning farming


The orange button

The NPC will take several minutes to bring back the materials, but you can have up to 10 assignments at the same time. An orange icon will appear on the bottom right side of your screen, and you click it to receive the materials or simply see how much time is left.



Summoning interface and NPC location

Like farming and mining, you'll have to buy a recipe(altar list) and bring it to the Summoner. After paying a fee, she'll summon a monster that once slain will give you the materials requested.

You can only summon one monster per time and they will always be level 20 or 30, depending on the level of the assignment you used.

Recipe QualityEdit

Recipes can be of white or green quality. The latter has a chance to give higher quality materials, and players can use the Gathering Aid available from the Item Mall to increase their chances.

Guild Towns with experienced gatherers also increase the chance of gaining resources.

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