map of Goss Mountains

Goss Mountains (Chinese: 戈德山域, gē dé shān yù) is the level 20–24 area on the central continent. It contains Cenana, the Shale Cavern 3-player dungeon, the Eroda 3-player dungeon, and the Wyndir Society regional fame faction.

Goss Mountains is connected by portals to Rainbowfall Forest (15–19) to the southeast and Beluga Bay (25–29) to the southwest.


Completing the "Goss Mountains" quests awards the Strange Magnetic Stone achievement.

Completing the "Lost Civilization" quests awards the Magic Core Analysis Report achievement and the The Helpful title (STR +9).

Completing the "Shale Cavern" quests awards the Being Human achievement and the Aid of Scholars title (INT +9).

Completing the "Dragon's Keep" quests awards the Friendship of the Ursun Brothers achievement, and one of the four Wind Meteor Shards.

Completing the "Eroda" quests awards the Cenana Hero achievement and the Beastbone Slayer title (WIS +9).

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