Healing & Support classes in Eden Eternal wield powerful healing and boosting magic. Reach character level 5 and you'll unlock the Cleric, your first Healing class. The Healing/Support branch doesn't stop at repairing wounds, the Cleric, Bard, Shaman and Sage all excel at casting stat boosting spells, summoning natural creatures, even bringing other players back to life.

Class BranchesEdit

Class Specialty Requirement
Cleric Cleric Sacred Words
  • Char. level: 1
  • Prev. class: none
Bard Bard Musical Performance
  • Char. level: 20
  • Prev. class: none
Shaman Shaman Ancient Techniques
  • Char. level: 45
  • Prev. class: Cleric level 30
  • Char. level: 69 (quest required)
  • Prev. class: none

Regular SkillsEdit

Icon Name Char. lvl Type Weapon Cast Time Description
Earth Shock skill icon Earth Shock 1 M. Nature Dmg - 1.5 sec Dmgs enemy, has 50% chance to lower enemy's ACC for 12 sec
Cure skill icon Cure 3 Recovery - 2 sec Heals a target's HP based on Cure skill level
Tornado skill icon Tornado 5 M. Nature Dmg - Instant Deals dmg to all enemies within 15 Ft.
Prevention skill icon Prevention 7 Buff - Instant Randomly removes 1 debuff on target decreases DMG taken by target for 6 sec
Revive skill icon Revive 9 Recovery - 5 sec Revives dead player back to life and reduces their death EXP penalties

Certificate BonusEdit

Wisdom Increase Revival Leaf Healing Master
2 Certificates 3 Certificates 4 Certificates
WIS +2% Increases Cure and Earth Shock DMG +10% G-Healing and P-Healing +20% and Max MP +5%

Healing Branch
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