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Biology Biology
Potentanesthesia Potent Anesthesia
Stargazer Stargazer
Enhancedbowstring Enhanced Bowstring
Stealthknowledge Stealth Knowledge
Masterarchery Master Archery
Poisonarrowscience Poison Arrow Science
Huntingknowledge Hunting Knowledge
Crossbowstring Crossbow String
Enhancedfletching Enhanced Fletching
Enhancedflash Enhanced Flash
Wildnature Wild Nature
Bestialbreath Bestial Breath
Naturespirit Nature Spirit
Veterenaryscience Veterenary Science
Sharpened Sharpened
Bestialwrath Bestial Wrath
Deadlytoxin Deadly Toxin
Hunter Talents redirects here. If your are looking for Hunter's Skills, go here.
Biology Potentanesthesia Crossbowstring Enhancedfletching Wildnature Sharpened
Stargazer Enhancedbowstring Stealthknowledge Enhancedflash Bestialbreath Veterenaryscience Bestialwrath
Masterarchery Poisonarrowscience Huntingknowledge Naturespirit Deadlytoxin

Hunter Expertise SkillsEdit

These are the Expertise Skills for Hunters. These talents can be learned on the Class Talent Grid of the Talents interface (hotkey K), each costing knowledge points.


  • Character Level: 10

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