Dazing Pierce skill iconPotent Anesthesia
Piercing Wound skill iconEnhanced Bowstring
StealthknowledgeStealth Knowledge
MasterarcheryMaster Archery
PoisonarrowsciencePoison Arrow Science
HuntingknowledgeHunting Knowledge
CrossbowstringCrossbow String
Chain Shot skill iconEnhanced Fletching
Flash Bomb skill iconEnhanced Flash
WildnatureWild Nature
BestialbreathBestial Breath
NaturespiritNature Spirit
Beast Recovery skill iconBeast Recovery
Painful Wound skill iconSharpened
Wild Stimulation skill iconBestial Wrath
Poison Arrow Rain skill iconLethal Toxin
Hunter Talents redirects here. If your are looking for Hunter's Skills, go here.
Hunter image
Biology Dazing Pierce skill icon Crossbowstring Chain Shot skill icon Wildnature Painful Wound skill icon
Stargazer Piercing Wound skill icon Stealthknowledge Flash Bomb skill icon Bestialbreath Beast Recovery skill icon Wild Stimulation skill icon
Masterarchery Poisonarrowscience Huntingknowledge Naturespirit Poison Arrow Rain skill icon

Hunter Expertise SkillsEdit

These are the Expertise Skills for Hunters. These talents can be learned on the Class Talent Grid of the Talents interface (hotkey K), each costing knowledge points.

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