Limestone Mountain
Limestone Mountain blank map
blank map of Limestone Mountain
Vital statistics
Type Overworld Map
Level 1-8
Guild Boss Justin Allspore
Dungeons Angor Quarry
Connecting Locations Tranquil Hill
Limestone Mountain (Chinese: 灰岩山, huī yánshān) is a level 1–8 area on the central continent, and the starting area for humans and halfkin. It contains Andrew Village, the Angor Quarry 3-player dungeon, and the Andrew Mining regional fame faction.

Limestone Mountain is connected by portal to Tranquil Hill (9–14) to the southeast.


The following item begins quests in Limestone Mountain:

Completing the "Awakening" quests awards the Blue Crystal Chronicles achievement.

Completing the "Crystal Clue" quests awards the Search for Lost Relics achievement and the Gift of the Crystal title (AGI +5).

Completing the "Oracle Magi" quests awards the Materialistic Magician achievement.

Completing the "Angor Quarry" quests awards the Leaving the Mines achievement and the Hon. Andrew Villager title (STR +5).


Non-Dungeon InstancesEdit


  1. Red Cap Mushroid
  2. Sharp Horn Yak
  3. Rainbow Angelly
  4. Limestone Forged
  5. Limestone Golem
  6. Rocky High Mushroid
  7. Major Horn Bison

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