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Luminary is a Magic DPS class in Eden Eternal. It is available at character creation.



All races
Chaos Assault trait icon Chaos Assault
M-CRIT rate +20%. Chaos Incarnate when Holy Blessing / Darkness Descends cancel.
Light Armor Mastery trait icon Light Armor Mastery
Luminaries wear light armor.
Chaotic Mindset trait icon Chaotic Mindset
M-ATK +5%
Fleeting Shadow trait icon Fleeting Shadow
Move SPD +5%
Chaos Whirlwind trait icon Chaos Whirlwind
Cast SPD +5%
Soul Splitter trait icon Soul Splitter
Sword Counter trait icon Sword Counter
Double hit rate +5%


Luminary stat modifiers

Luminary class small icon.png Human Zumi Anura Ursun Halfkin
HP 101% 97% 105% 107% 93%
MP 113% 123% 106% 109% 129%
AGI 110% 113% 110% 112% 110%
INT 118% 115% 121% 115% 118%
LCK 115% 115% 112% 116% 115%

The following stats are important for Luminaries:

  • Agility, for Cast SPD and EVA
  • Intellect, for M-ATK
  • Luck, for M-CRIT rate and ACC

Gameplay stylesEdit

New characters begin with two Lumineer Blades, swords with caster stats such as INT, M-CRIT Rate, and M-CRIT DMG, but which can only be equipped while the character is a Luminary. The stats of Lumineer Blades increase as the character's base level increases.

Luminaries have many skills that slowly stack up until either activated by a separate ability or until they reach max stacks.



While playing as a Luminary, a character will change to his or her light armor set.


Every Luminary skill requires the character to be wielding at least one rapier, sword, or greatsword. If wielding one rapier or sword, the character's other hand is free to equip a shield for blocking, or a mace for more M-ATK and other caster stats.

Luminaries have a hidden modifier to their magic attack based on which weapon is equipped.[1]

Greatsword gives more M-ATK than Sword. 
Sword gives slightly more M-ATK than Rapier.

Greatsword increases magic attack by about 100% 
Sword increases magic attack by about 25%
Rapier increases magic attack by about 25% 
Sword + Rapier increases magic attack by about 56% (1.25*1.25)

Using Sword + Rapier will give bonuses for both, however using Sword + Sword or Rapier + Rapier will only give a single bonus (similar to how Legendary Achievements work).

Based on this, you’ll get the most magic attack from Greatswords and the second most from duel wielding a Sword and Rapier (more than duel wielding a Mace/Sword or Mace/Rapier).

References Edit


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