EE Classes melee dps

Melee DPS classes excel at close-range, direct combat. Nimble and agile, Melee DPS characters are light on their feet yet pack a serious punch. Choose the Thief, Martial Artist or the Blade Dancer, and don't forget to use your Melee DPS branch skills to swiftly and powerfully strike multiple enemies at once.

Class BranchesEdit

Class Specialty Requirement
Thief Thief Survival
  • Char. level: 1
  • Prev. class: none
Martial Artist Martial Artist Martial Arts
  • Char. level: 40
  • Prev. class: Thief Level 25
Blade Dancer Blade Dancer Movement
  • Char. level: 50
  • Prev. class: Bard level 35
  • Char. level: 60
  • Prev. class: Warrior level 45; Martial Artist level 45

Regular SkillsEdit

Icon Name Char. lvl Type Weapon Cast Time Description
Slam skill icon Slam 1 P. Atk - Instant Attacks the target. If target is under the effects of Sonic Cut there is 15% chance to inflict knockdown on it for 4 seconds.
Resonating Blow skill icon Resonating Blow 3 P. Atk - Instant Inflicts continious damage on the target every second lasting for 12 seconds, can be stacked 5 times.
Fury Hit skill icon Fury Hit 5 P. Atk - Instant Strikes all nearby targets and decreases their' Atk SPD and Cast SPD
Fast Shadow skill icon Fast Shadow 7 Buff - Instant Increases your Evasion for 15 sec.
Encourage skill icon Encourage 9 Buff - Instant Increases your Double Hit rate by 15% and your STR for 30 seconds.

Certificate BonusEdit

Agility Increase Destruction Fang 1H Weapon Master
2 Certificates 3 Certificates 4 Certificates
AGI +2% Increases Slam and Fury Hit DMG +10% When equipped with a 1 H weapon, weapon's ATK & M-ATK +5%

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