Monsters are the main enemy the player fights in Eden Eternal. Monsters give character XP and class XP, making monsters the #1 source for class xp in the game, as quests do not give class XP. Monsters are required to kill as a part of many quests, as well as for the quest items they drop. Many people kill them without having a quest, only killing to gain expeirience and level up, or for the items and money monster sometimes drop.

Eden Eternal monster features include:

  • 3 Levels of Monsters: Common ,Elite and Bosses. The monster type is indicated by the color of its icon. The stronger they are, the better the rewards!
  • Break Point System – Monsters shake up typical MMORPG combat with the unique Break Point system. Reduce the monster’s BP bar to 0 and it becomes deformed…and very angry! Scoop up additional hidden loot for activating a monster’s BP system.
  • Dungeons and World Bosses – Encounter menacing monsters in all corners of Eden; the more remote the location, the more savage the awaiting beast is sure to be!
  • Strategies - Each monster hates you and has specific ways to cause pain to you and your allies. Click the black question mark icon on it's right side to know more about that boss who's instantly killing your friends, create a new strategy and fight for your epics!

Monster OverviewsEdit

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