Pet and Pet skill Guide by SaltlovesEdit

Your pet can be a great addition to your adventures in Eden Eternal! It can pick up items for you, attack monsters with you, and simply be a loyal companion!

How do I obtain a pet?

Speak to Village Head Schoss in Andrew Village - Limestone Mountains for the quest: The Magician by the Water Wheel I.


This quest becomes available prior to level 5. Once you reach level 5 you can speak to Zumi Merchant Alec to choose your new pet!



How do I use my pet?

Peticon Right-click your pet in your inventory (B) to equip it. Your pet will follow you everywhere you go and pick up items for you when they drop from the monsters you kill.

How do I make my pet attack?

First, you must spend some time getting to know your pet! When your character level is 22, the following quest will become available to you:

Pet skills quest info

1. The first objective of this quest is to obtain character level 25.
2. Next, visit Nomadic Merchant Tanley (73,186) in Goss Mountains.
3. Purchase the Nomad's Pet Training Book from Tanley for 1G.
4. To complete the quest, take the book to Garrison Sniper Nelle (411,229) in Beluga Bay to turn your pet into a lean, mean, fighting machine!

Now that your pet is able to attack, you must know how to control it. Your pet will default in Loot Mode, which looks like this on your pet skill bar:
&nbsp Petloot

You can also make your pet perform tricks such as: Wave, Cheer, and Sit!

To activate Combat Mode, left-click the pet icon or right-click the Attack icon on your pet's skill bar. Petcombat

Now, when you attack something, your pet will attack with you. Or, you can target a monster first, and then activate your pet's Combat Mode to have your pet go and attack the monster on its own. This can be a great way of pulling the monsters to you as well!

While in Combat Mode, your pet might be too distracted to pick up all of your treasures!


What kinds of skills does my pet have?

Your pet has special skills that will help it in battle. Which skills it has, however, depends on which pet you chose as a quest reward.

Slam skill icon Battle Dog will use the skill Basic Smash, which increases its P-ATK +136 points.
Magic Dog will use the skill Vocal Bomb, which increases its M-ATK +243 points.

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