Ranged DPS classes for long-distance sharp shooting. These classes deal damage from afar with various ranged weapons. Take out enemies one by one, before they even know you're there. Your options are Hunter or Engineer, each with a unique set of weapons and skills. Use your Ranged branch skills to further boost your epic sharpshooting

Class BranchesEdit

Class Specialty Requirement
Hunter Hunter Code of Hunt
  • Char. level: 1
  • Prev. class: none
Engineer Engineer Science
  • Char. level: 30
  • Prev. class: Hunter Level 15
Ranger Ranger Wanderer
  • Char. level: 65
  • Prev. class: Hunter Level 50; Martial Artist Level 50

Regular SkillsEdit

Icon Name Char. lvl Type Weapon Cast Time Description
Precise Shot skill icon Precise Shot 1 P. Atk. Ranged Instant Inflicts damage and decreases. Moves SPD on target.
Perforation skill icon Perforation 3 P. Atk. Ranged Instant For 12 seconds Inflicts continious damage per second and lowers target MP.
Kneecapped skill icon Kneecapped 5 P. Atk. Ranged Instant Prevents target from moving increases damage taken by target.
Wild Will skill icon Wild Will 7 Self Buff - Instant Increases CRIT rate for 30 sec.
Eagle skill icon Eagle 9 Self Buff - Instant Increases ACC and ATK SPD for 30 sec.

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