Tasos channel

Tasos Channel is located in the northeastern corner of Rainbowfall Forest. Players must be between Levels 15 to 19 to complete this in a party or of any level to solo.

Normal MonstersEdit

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See the Quest Chain here


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Ordinary DropsEdit

Break Point DropsEdit

Angela's prayer sword
Juan's forgiveness ring
Angela's lucky domino
Juan's leader medal
Juan's death ring
Juan's doom hunting bow
Juan's Battle mace
Juan's blue sky dagger
Angela's priest hold
Angela's tree soul nail

Trash/Additional InfoEdit

Boss StrategyEdit

The two bosses (Juan and Angela) stand very close to each other and are incredibly difficult to pull

In red, the healer's path. In blue, possible places to engage the Frog.

away from each other, and even more difficult to be defeated together.

Juan will choose a player and stun them and anyone around them for 6 seconds. This stun cannot be removed, and players cannot use potions while stunned. It is possible to move out of the stun's area of effect - the black circle on the ground - but it requires perfect timing. Healers can stand at maximum range from the other players to reduce the chance of being hit.

Angela has two major abilities: the first one cannot be avoided, and it'll hex any player nearby into a scorpion. You can't attack or cast spells in this form, however you can still use potions and move. Healers can stand at maximum range to avoid this, but the safety range to do it is extremely small.

The second major ability will put a debuff on anyone around her. It has an orange icon of a pierced heart, and it causes the player's attack to heal the bosses. Players afflicted by it should stop attacking until it's gone or the healer removes it.

Now the usual strategy is to simply run into the two bosses and fight them together. However this is risky, seeing as if the healer has twice the chances of being by a disabling effect, and now that you have two bosses it'll pretty much be a dead end if it happens.

However it is possible to get one boss to leave combat while still fighting one of them. To do this, the healer should hit Angela from max range and run all the way around the lake until Angela runs back to her spot. Feel free to use potions and stack Sacred Light beforehand.

The rest of the party must not attack Angela, but Juan, and keep him in combat. When Angela chases the healer too far away from her usual place, she'll leave combat and reset. Juan will still be fighting the other players and can now be fought individually.

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