map of Tranquil Hill

Tranquil Hill (Chinese: 寧靜之丘, níngjìng zhī qiū) is the level 9–14 area on the central continent. It contains Seabell, the Fort Verdure 3-player dungeon, and the Seabell regional fame faction.

Tranquil Hill is connected by portals to Limestone Mountain (1–8) to the northeast, Fegeral Valley, Graceland Marsh, and Ursun Paw Mountains (all 1–8) in Seabell, and Rainbowfall Forest (15–19) to the southwest, and by ship from Seabell to Cyclone Basin (55–57).


Completing the "Seabell" quests awards the The Team's Asset achievement and a 1-day version of a Grassland Alpaca.

Completing the "The Eagle Gang" quests awards the Of Truth and Meat achievement, the The Robbing Hood title (INT +5), and one of the four Wind Meteor Shards.

Completing the "Fort Verdure" quests awards the The Way of the Old Knight achievement and the Seabell Savior title (WIS +5).


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