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Warrior (Chinese: 戰士, zhànshì) is a tank class in Eden Eternal. It is available at character creation.[1]


"You call that an attack? My grandmother could hit harder!"



All races
Unshakable trait icon Unshakable
Warriors are immune to fear.
Heavy Armor Mastery trait icon Heavy Armor Mastery
Warriors wear heavy armor.
Axe Expert trait icon Axe Expert
Axe P-ATK & M-ATK +15%
Club Expert trait icon Club Expert
Club P-ATK & M-ATK +15%
Greatsword Expert trait icon Greatsword Expert
Greatsword P-ATK & M-ATK +15%
Ursun Elite trait icon Ursun Elite
Fear 6s (2%/attack)
Sword Elite trait icon Sword Elite
Sword P-ATK & M-ATK +30%


Warrior stat modifiers
Warrior class small icon.png Human Zumi Anura Ursun Halfkin
HP 123% 116% 127% 131% 111%
MP 69% 79% 64% 65% 85%
STR 125% 122% 120% 128% 119%
AGI 114% 117% 116% 112% 116%
LCK 104% 104% 107% 103% 108%

The following stats are important for Warriors:

  • Strength, for P-ATK and Block (with shield)
  • Agility, for ATK SPD, EVA, and Parry (with 2H weapon)
  • Wisdom, for P-Healing
  • Luck, for CRIT rate and ACC
  • DEF

Warrior SkillsEdit

Main article: Warrior Class Skills

Warriors can use these skills. Warriors have many buffs at their disposal, helping them take the least amount of damage from monsters. They also have many skills designed to attract monsters to them, also known as inciting malice, to keep monsters off their allies, and only attacking the warrior.


Certificate Level Effect
Taunticon Taunt I 10 Increases Malice caused by an attack by +5%
IronArmoricon Iron Armor I 20 All DEF +5%
MuscleFlexibilityicon Muscle Flexibility I 30 Decreases received P-DMG -3%
Taunticon Taunt II 40 Malice caused per attack +8%
IronArmoricon Iron Armor II 50 All DEF +10%
MuscleFlexibilityicon Muscle Flexibility II 60 Decreases received P-DMG -6%

Certificate BonusesEdit

Certificate bonuses are bonuses that you can gain by equipping a certain number of certificates from your main class branch. To see the certificate bonuses that can be gained, check Tank/Certificate Bonuses

Knowledge TreeEdit

Warrior image

Warrior expertise

Gameplay StylesEdit

Warrior is a tank class that focuses on defending his or her allies. As a warrior, you have a decent damage output, using AOE abilities and single-target abilities alike. Warriors also have a multitude of useful self-buffs focusing on your defense, as well as a number of Tank branch certificates and Tank branch and warrior skills that will keep monsters on you, and away from weaker allies. The Warrior is most effective in a party, soaking up damage while the weaker allies pound on monsters- Warriors however, are virtually useless in most party scenarios without a healer to back them up. Warrior focuses on either Axes or 2H swords, or using a 1H weapon and a shield.

Party: TankingEdit



While playing as a Warrior, a character will change to his or her heavy armor set. It gives the highest level of defense, and you need all the defense you can get as a Warrior.


Warriors can also use many different weapons. You have two main choices in weaponry as a Warrior: either a 2H handed weapon, or a 1 Handed weapon with a shield. Some dual-wield, however, the damage output of these players is usually much less than someone using a 2H weapon, without the added defense that the shield gives. Because tof the substantial defense boost the shield gives, as well as the ability, Titan's Wall, that reduces physical damage, and numerous other defensive attributes (such as a Tank branch certificate that adds 50% defense when using a shield) many choose the 1H and shield combination when tanking difficult dungeons. When doing Solo combat, many Warriors will switch to a 2 Handed weapon, such as a Axe or a two-handed sword. As a human, it is recommended to use a 2H axe because of Warrior's Inherent Talent, Axe Expert. As a Zumi, using a club is recommended due to Zumi's "Club Expert" Warrior Inherent Talent, and as the Anuran, using a Greatsword is their best bet, due to the talent "Greatsword master" for Anuran Warriors.



Defense Branch
Warrior class large icon.png
Awaken Classes

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