These types of monsters are stronger than the common type , but can still be killed by one player alone as long as he or she is carrying potions or has healing spells.

There are two types of weak elite monsters: common

A rare elite (top) and a common elite(bottom) for a quest. Notice that the latter does not have break points.

and rare. Common elites are usually the target for quests and the only difference from normal monsters is that they're mildly stronger. After being slain they'll respawn in a few seconds.

Rare elites usually have the same appearance as normal monsters , but they have a title over their name and use bigger models. Players who slay rare elites are rewarded with an achievement and a high chance for equipment drops. If the player reduce all of the monster's Break Points , they'll receive extra higher quality loot just like a boss monster .

The respawn time for a rare elite is roughly twenty to thirty minutes.


A bard killing a rare elite by herself.

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